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EF Article Submission 
Members who have submitted an article to EF in the past year will have their name put into a random drawing. The winner of the drawing is given a free year of membership to ISCA.

FB Contest Winner 
Attending members vote on their single favorite drawing from all of the first place winners of the ISCA Members Facebook Contest (those won between December 1st, 2019 and November 16th, 2020). The recipient is given a free one year membership to ISCA.

Outstanding Group Composition is awarded for exceptional depiction of three or more subjects in the same image. When voting, consider a cohesive theme, story or subject interaction.

Most Humorous is awarded for exceptional use of humor in caricature. When voting, consider, does it make you laugh?

Outstanding Black & White (Monochromatic) Technique is awarded for exceptional use of black and white, grayscale, or monochromatic technique in caricature. When voting, consider line quality, use of black and white or single color values. 

Outstanding Color Technique is awarded for exceptional understanding and application of color theory in caricature. When voting, consider how color and color theory concepts are used to enhance likeness, exaggeration, and overall composition of a piece. 

Outstanding Minimalist Technique
Less is more.

Outstanding Exaggerated Style is awarded for exceptional use of exaggeration in caricature. By definition, a piece cannot be a caricature without exaggeration. When voting, consider how far a piece can be pushed to enhance likeness. Does this advance the art form into new and exciting directions?

Outstanding 3D Technique is awarded for exceptional use of a three dimensional technique in caricature. This may include but is not limited to clay, foam or paper sculptures, stuffed fabric or puppets, found object assemblages, etc. When voting, consider form and material. 

Outstanding Cartoon Style is awarded for exceptional use of cartooning technique in caricature. When voting, consider use of character design, cartoon and comic book illustration techniques.

*Outstanding Published Commercial Work
In an effort to recognize and celebrate ISCA members for outstanding work in the field, this category is open to members who have had caricature work published within the last year (Jan 1, 2020) in a publicly visible space. Work submitted should be the result of a client briefing, AND needs to have been featured in print or online by a citable source (Editorial illustrations, book covers, political cartoons, animation, and other commercial work. No private commissions or self-published works, please). Submission is limited to one entry per member. Submissions should be in the form of an image or video, up to 50mb in size, with the caption including a link or citation to the public piece, as well as your competition number.

Studio Competition
Participants may submit their single best studio piece that was made in the past year (submit as digital image, scan or video). The subject of the studio piece does NOT need to be an ISCA member. Voting is subjective, pick one that speaks to you!

Likeness Competition
On Monday, November 16th, we will be hosting three separate Likeness Competition heats to accommodate members in all time zones. Those who want to compete will choose one heat to participate in. All heats will have the same four subjects and will be 1 hour long. Competitors will draw all four faces within the one hour time frame in any style, with a goal of exceptional likeness. There will be a 15 minute window at the end of the drawing hour for submission of drawings. Any drawing not submitted within this window will not qualify. All drawings from all three heats will be posted to the same place and people will vote on their favorite drawing of each subject. When voting, focus on a drawing that has a really great LIKENESS while maintaining the defining qualities of caricature.

*Best Comic Cover
What would you put on the cover of Exaggerated Features? Anyone who receives the Mailbox Mayhem Comic Edition of EF has a chance to create a custom piece of artwork on the blank cover and submit it for the competition. When voting, choose what you’d like to see as the cover of this edition of EF.
*Drawn Together Award
This award serves to recognize the contributions of people who have made an exceptional impact in the caricature community over the last year. Award recipients will be chosen by the ISCA Board of Directors from member nominations.

Top 10 Caricatures of the Year
Although there will be no Noseys this year, we would still like to recognize the top ten outstanding caricatures of the year. When voting, this really can be your favorite. What do you consider the most impactful? Does it have all the elements of what you consider to be a great caricature?

*denotes a new award category for 2020